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Greenmarrow Studio was founded by multi-media artist and surface designer Yun Jeong Bae (배윤정) based in Chicago and the studio produces art and surface pattern designs for licensing. 


greenmarrow studio blog about surface design, pattern, inspiration, review and news.

Book - Handmade Living by Lotta Jansdotter

Yun Jeong Bae

                                                                  Handmade Living  by Lotta Jansdotter

                                                                  Handmade Living by Lotta Jansdotter

 I got a sweet book as a gift this Christmas and it is called "Handmade Living" by Lotta Jansdotter. 

This is my second book of Lotta Jansdotter following the book "Sewing Project," which contains practical and various sewing projects that you can make at home. "Handmade Living" is more casual and there are beautiful photographs of Lotta's daily home/studio life and some little tips for handmade touches for your home.


Rather than many texts, I like the beauty of simplicity in this book, which is full of Scandinavian life style and pattern design just as it is. Lotta explains:

"Having your own creations around the house is the best way to build a home that reflects your personal style."

Reading Lotta's book I get a glimpse of her designs and objects around her place, beautifully coordinated with many wooden and white environments.


The happiest surprise for me was in the back of the book. There are several gorgeous Swedish recipes which make me more curious about Scandinavian culture. Many of them, I can't wait to try:  Gravlax, Swedish meatballs and Glögg!