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Greenmarrow Studio was founded by multi-media artist and surface designer Yun Jeong Bae (배윤정) based in Chicago and the studio produces art and surface pattern designs for licensing. 


greenmarrow studio blog about surface design, pattern, inspiration, review and news.

The Art and Business of Surface Design: Module 4

Yun Jeong Bae


I love to teach and I love to learn even more. When I moved into our new place in 2012, I just simply wanted to create my own designs for the curtains and pillows. With a little bit of research, I found Spoonflower to print out my own fabrics and discovered The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course. Module 1 had already finished and Module 2 had just opened up. I registered with curiosity, without a clue that my career would be changing. I set up a little studio room in the house and I hoped to pick up my brushes sometime again besides working with computer. This course pushed me to sit and draw something immediately and I just fell in love. 

It is surprising to see how many people are actually from a professional computer graphics field in the course and many of them want to find their own voice in work. Seeing other designers talents, creativity and growth are another inspiration under the very supportive community and the combination between the quality program of producer Beth Kempton, the founder of 'Do What You Love' and Rachael Tyler who is such a generous and great instructor, makes me keep coming back and now I am taking Module 4, after taking Module 2 and 3. 

The courses are not just simple workshops. They are full of creative exercises, computer skills and business side. If you have more time available, the better to dedicate. There are briefs from well-known companies and it is a great chance to build a portfolio or to work with real productions. In Module 4, as the title says 'Building your professional portfolio', the course provides high resolution photographs of white rooms/objects sets and gorgeous textures that you can apply with your designs. The five master classes give you must-know computer skills as a surface designer and I picked up useful skills for future uses that I did not know about. 

I think my favorite part was individual reviews from Rachael and Khristian A Howell (another great designer). 

                                                                   A glimpse of individual video review

                                                                   A glimpse of individual video review

I did not expect that they recorded actual review video for each designer and that feels more personal. It is a nice chance to be exposed to other people and get valuable suggestions and feedback and this also gives you more objective eyes to look at your own designs. Additionally your website is visited and discussed, giving you valuable tips. This is a seven-week course and now it is in the sixth week. I have been so busy because of Surtex preparation and wish I had more time to work along with this course. I really enjoy the everyday posts and would like to revisit after the trip. If anybody is interested in surface designs check out the website below and meet the great Make It In Design team as well.