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Greenmarrow Studio was founded by multi-media artist and surface designer Yun Jeong Bae (배윤정) based in Chicago and the studio produces art and surface pattern designs for licensing. 


greenmarrow studio blog about surface design, pattern, inspiration, review and news.

Greenmarrow Studio X Hankook Chinaware (한국도자기)

Yun Jeong Bae

While it is hard to imagine that 2018 is already winding down, it has been a lucky year to collaborate with companies that I admire and I am finally starting to see some beautiful products being created with my designs on them. Hankook Chinaware has been one of the top chinaware companies in South Korea since their business started in 1943 and I am honored that I won their design competition last June. The theme was ‘Slow Food’ and the competition asked for a free design style of the designer’s choice that was inspired by the idea of slow food. I submitted one of my favorite designs, ‘Vegetable Collection,’ and utilized the illustrations to represent visions of healthy and organic tables in a modern home. The title is ‘Daily Greens’ and the collections are currently selling both in stores and online Below are the Hankook Chinaware products that will be released, along with some of my mockup process images as well.


Hankook Chinaware Promotion Photos

Hankook Chinaware_process1_GreenmarrowStudio.png
Hankook Chinaware_process2_GreenmarrowStudio.png
Hankook Chinaware_process3_GreenmarrowStudio.png
Hankook Chinaware_process4_GreenmarrowStudio.png

My Mock-up Process with Paper cuts before the final submission