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Greenmarrow Studio was founded by multi-media artist and surface designer Yun Jeong Bae (배윤정) based in Chicago and the studio produces art and surface pattern designs for licensing. 


greenmarrow studio blog about surface design, pattern, inspiration, review and news.

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Greenmarrow Studio Exhibits at Kotra in an Art Collaboration with EcoCNT

Yun Jeong Bae


This summer, I have been busy for work and some exciting news.
One of them is an exhibition with the Korean company EcoCNT at Kotra, a global business platform operated by the Korean government that brings together artists and companies. 

I am happy to participate to this exhibition from working with EcoCNT which produces eco-friendly fashion accessories and functional wares made with Tyvek materials by DuPont. Another artist next to me is Ryu Hyunwook and his painting is so gorgeous. The exhibition starts July 19. 2017 and ends Aug 31. 2017 at Kotra.

All photos by a designer Eun Jeong Kim at EcoCNT


EcoCNT first released their cute wallets with my designs as a designer's limited edition, which are currently available on their website at


I love how they turned out and I think they would be perfect as gifts or secondary wallets: 
They are light, fun and functional - especially on the beach since they are water resistant.


EcoCNT has other various products and customizes items as well. For more information, visit

Korean Design Exhibition 2016 and Design Korea 2016

Yun Jeong Bae


I grabbed this book in a book store when I was visiting Korea in 2014 to see my family and it is full of whimsical folk art from China, Korea and Japan. I love folk art from all around the world, especially Scandinavia, Russia and Africa. There are many designers who create modern styles based on their cultural influences or travels and I always wanted to create designs inspired by Korean folk art. 

I submitted my design to the 51st Korean Design Exhibition for the first time and I am so happy that I had an opportunity to exhibit at Design Korea 2016 as a finalist. With limits of time and a long-distance delivery, I am grateful that the exhibition went well with my sisters help, but of course I wish I had been there to prepare for the show and look around at all of the other beautiful designs and products from other artists.

Expecting approximately 60,000 visitors this year at Design Korea, it is held in November every year. 

Inspiration: David Bowie Is (Now in Chicago)

Yun Jeong Bae


From time to time I can appreciate that I have lived in an era with such influential or iconic artists. I recently felt this deep impression after seeing the exhibition of 'David Bowie Is' at the Museum of Contemporary of Art Chicago. With a guide of approximately 90 minutes for the tour of this exhibition, I spent over 3 hrs (and more time at the gift shop!) with a fulfillment of the joy of art and music. 

Besides Bowie’s beautiful music being played through the headphones for the entire show, I did not expect that David Bowie's exhibition would awaken my memories of being in an art school by looking at the words in his works that were influenced by William S. Burroughs, Dadaism, Pop-art, German Expressionism, even dystopian literature (or whatever you would name it). It is just thrilling to see his whole life along with the trail of art that was and is still going on.

Long enjoyments to short summaries, my favorite three parts of the show were

1. The stage costumes that he had worn displayed throughout the entire show, which were just FABULOUS. (David Bowie was Alexander McQueen's first celebrity client-surprise!)

2. The “Starman” music performance with kaleidoscope-way mirror installation was my favorite section.

3. Lucian Freud's painting of David Bowie became a part of the wallpaper motif which collaborated with Laura Ashley.

Cheers, V&A! After seeing the appearance of the Victoria and Albert museum at Surtex, I appreciate how they celebrate with their treasures.

The must-see exhibition goes until Jan. 4. 2015 at MCA Chicago, reservations are required.